The Challenge

Vivid color photos for national identity documents

Even in our digital world, identity documents remain essential for reliable, secure and accurate identification. Nowadays, all polycarbonate identity documents are expected to include reliable forgery-prevention features and be easy to integrate into a variety of production workflows. Forgery-proof photos are a key component of this. Laser-engraved black-and-white images were once the standard for polycarbonate documents, but today’s government and other state authorities and their citizens expect more: high-quality vivid color photos and the latest security features. Veridos provides two solutions that perfectly meet these high expectations.

Our Response

Two different approaches for different process and security requirements

Veridos offers two genuine technologies for integrating color pictures into polycarbonate-based identity documents. POLYCORE® ID is a perfect all-in-one inkjet printing solution for centralized production and personalization processes. Blank documents are not preproduced, but rather the entire document is prepared in one process.

The newly developed CLIP ID technology – Color Laser Image Protected ID – is an integrated solution that adds vivid color photos to the next generation of polycarbonate identity documents. It combines secure laser engraving with brilliant and durable image printing, while allowing maximum flexibility in the production and personalization processes. The result is a lifelike image of the holder of the ID – in true, vivid colors. This makes it easy to detect manipulated IDs – either by touching it with a finger or viewing it under an infrared light.

How it Works

CLIP ID: New picture personalization options for unrivalled security


All the different document layers are compiled and collated in order to prepare lamination.


The lenticular structure in the photo area is a key security feature, added during the lamination process.


The digital photo of ID holder is separated into a black and white picture and a color version, using a new method developed by Veridos.


In the first step, a black and white version of the image is laser engraved into the layers of the document.


Then the color photo is printed into the lenticular structure on the photo area of the document.


The result is a vibrant photo that is inseparably bonded with the polycarbonate material.


Reasons to choose CLIP ID

Vibrant color photos on any
polycarbonate ID, including data pages for passports and any type of ID card
Unique combination of
secure laser engraving and photo
printing on a specially structured photo area
Perfect for both centralized and
decentralized personalization workflows, separate from document production
Secure and cost-effective solution
for the personalization of next-generation identity documents
Highly durable with no need
for an additional protective layer
Able to integrate additional Veridos
security features as desired

Proof of concept

Innovative, locally produced ePassports in Bangladesh

CLIP ID is being used in the new ePassports issued in Bangladesh. With more than 160 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is the world’s eighth most populous country and will produce the highest output of passports with color photos worldwide. Learn how Bangladesh will benefit from locally produced ePassports, its own in-country production sites, and state-of-the-art ID and border control infrastructure.

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Press release

Veridos launches new color image technology

Berlin, December 10, 2018 – World-leading identity solutions provider Veridos has announced the release of a new security feature that will allow governments to apply secure, durable and vibrant color ID photos with high process flexibility. Veridos now offers two color image methods for polycarbonate identity documents: POLYCORE® technology and a new solution to be showcased at this week’s APSCA Border Management and Identity Conference.

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